Rain Damage sign

We are fast to discount the freedoms we enjoy in America, we are quick to forget that our way of life doesn't exist for much of the world. 

The easy thing to do is lock the doors, keep it to ourselves, let our fears take a front seat to love and humanity.  

... But we ain't doing that. Paraphrasing Jay Z, "the game needs us" and by the game I mean the people of the world who aren't getting such a fair roll of the dice. 

If the best advertising is word of mouth we must foster that by allowing refugees and immigrants to see what we have in America. The stories of our freedoms will travel to the dark edges of the earth. If we want the world to progress to our level of liberty we must lead by example. 

We have never been a company that has been shy about our believes so we when sit down to design our new window decal we wanted to let people know that we welcome everyone, even when it's not easy. We welcome Refugees, Fugees, Warren G, and any member of the Wu Tang. 


Trash Can Hands, Petey,  Drew, Gerren

Photo by All Gravy


Me and Trash Can Hands