Rain Damage Vintage

New year new grind. We are extending the Rain Damage umbrella to a new level. The skate shop is still grinding per usual but we will also putting a vintage shop under our roof at 123 West 6th st.  

The fact of the matter is we are kids who love skate culture, hip hop culture, streetwear culture in a small city. We don't have a place to go buy resale Supreme or old Polo or Tommy. So like Gandhi said be the change you want to see, so we are trying to do just that.  

Rain Damage Vintage is a buy, sell, and trade place. We are currently (and always) looking to buy Supreme, Bape, vintage Polo, Tommy, Nike, Adidas, Ect. So if you are sitting on some heat, feel free to stop by 123 West 6th St.  

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