House Fire Playlist: Spring Break

Spring Break Playlist   

More bands with the word Beach in their name than there is needles floating in Dayton beach but this is my favorite of them. Beach Slang - Ride The Wild Haze. As a grown man I'm pretty far past enjoying acoustic performances but I love this one  

In the Spring we are all young, burn some energy. Offspring - Nitro

In keeping with this youth tone. Song always makes me feel like I'm in a Levis commercial or one of those shitty Michael Cera movies. Japandroids - Younger Us  


Next up vintage Nemo Achida with Soundtrack, My favorite song by him, perfect song for a windy spring day  

Would not be right if I didn't play A Tribe Called Quest. They knew "Scared money don't make none" 20 years before John Calipari did. ATCQ - Midnight  

Mostly because I spent the day in Louisville earlier this week but here's my favorite song by my favorite band to ever come out of KY. 44 seconds of bliss. Black Cross - VKHC

Found an old Mono vs Stereo records comp that I swagged up in high school at a Showdown show. I had forgotten this jam but it always shined through the rest of the bullshit on that comp. House of Heros - Mercedes  

My favorite song this year French Montana, Nas, Yeezy - Figure It Out  

Going to end this with my OG young and out of my mind song. Sex Positions - Commit It


Now go make spring 2016 the best yet, eat a burrito, roll the windows down, touch a boob.