859 Approved Charity Event

When I had first moved to Lexington I was shooting basketball at The Blue Courts when I met Jamie Sawyers. Within the first 20 minutes of him gracing my presence he had me so mad I couldn't see straight. Partly because he had a good shot and could finesse the lane, but mostly because of his Reggie Miller style shit talking.  

Through the years though Jamie has grown on me, I have massive respect for his character, friendship and his knowledge of sneakers. So when he hit me with an idea that him and his fellow sneaker heads at 859 Approved had thought up about throwing a charity event were people could get free gear in an environment where it felt more like a shopping experience I was more than happy to lend the space at Rain Damage to them. 

859 Approved gave out around 50 pairs of sneakers, food, gift cards and a load of coats to anyone who needed them. While I found that amazing the part that while always stick with me is how the 859 Approved squad talked to people with such joy and compassion in their voices. You could see it in their eyes that they truly cared about the people they were helping. When you see that kind of passion it is contagious, so I thank them with all my heart for allowing the Rain Damage crew to take part with them.

859 Approved member and amazing photographer Ceserae Jones grabbed a few images, you can check him out at CeeJay_24_24 on Instagram