The Flowers Of Evil

Caught The Flowers Of Evil art show at the Parachute Factory in Lexington this weekend. Sergio Pineda currated and also took part on this exhibit. I've said it before but Sergio constantly has big things popping in Lex and has been a bridge between the artist and art community here.  

This exhibit was based around exotic photography. To explain why I think this show was badass and will be talked about for awhile to come, I have to explain the context. Kentucky still sits deep in the Bible Belt so the idea of exotic art natural rallies against the status quo. The Parachute Factory lands in the center of the NoLi area of Lexington and in particular it is placed in the middle of Lexington's famed Night Market. The Night Market attracts hundreds if not thousands of people on the first Friday of every month.  

This were lesser curators would have folded, instead Sergio and Co. put on their erotic art show in the middle of Night Market forcing anyone who stumbled into The Parachute to view artistic photography based around nudity, bondage, and the human anatomy. I think this forces a dialogue in the community, and no matter how unsavory the dialogue is, this is one of the jobs an art show should have; To cause people to speak and think about the things we prefer to keep swept under the bed.  

I stole this picture off of Sergio's fb cause I forgot to get a flier shot  

I stole this picture off of Sergio's fb cause I forgot to get a flier shot