Halloween Playlist

Halloween is really like a spooky party, here is House Fires list of Halloween beats

FireWorks: The Weekend Before Halloween. 

Honestly I could feel this entire playlist with Misfits songs.

Misfits: Astro Zombies 

Cold Cave: Burning Sage 

Cold Cave : I.C.D.K. 

Crystal Castles: Kerosene 

GraveDiggaz - Diary Of A Madman 

Joy Division - Atmosphere 

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle 

Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf 

The A.K.A.s - Dead Flowers Forever 

Tears For Fears - Madworld 

Pictureplane - Black Nails 

oOoOO - Seaww 

Ariel Pink: Fright Night (nevermore) 

Last but not least, Danzig - Mother